How to Delete a Ford Super Duty


Ford Super Duty

Mason Williams, Contributor

Today, I’m gonna show you how to delete a pickup. Specifically a Ford Super Duty. Super Duty’s are very reliable pickup trucks made by Ford. They are diesels, which believe it or not, are better than gas vehicles. The problem with diesel trucks is that the factory puts all these emissions things on, and they slowly kill the engine. 


Now, you’ll need straight pipes, because you’re gonna have to take it all off. First, you’ll need to take the exhaust off. It looks like a very fat catalytic converter because that’s what it is. It has precious metals, like platinum. It holds DEF, which smells similar to cat urine, which doesn’t smell pleasant. It will be difficult, so be prepared. 


To take it off, you’re gonna need to take out quite a few bolts and nuts. Get an entire socket set and Makita drill, and set, or whatever power tool brands you have. Remove anything that is holding the DEF tank, and then anything holding the catalytic converter. Get the DPF off now. I would recommend doing it with your friends, not yourself. Now that your DPF is off, you can replace it with the exhaust. 


Now that the underside is done, install your tuner, and reprogram your ECU. Don’t get concerned if your truck has a stroke. It will show a ton of things going wrong with your truck, but that will just be it reprogramming. Once that is done, warm your engine, and start your engine. It’s gonna sound way deeper, and better sounding. Go ahead, rev your engine. You’re gonna have a lot of smoke. The good thing is that you can turn that down with your tuner with the press of a finger. (your tuner is touchscreen after all)


Well, your Super is now done. Congratulations! Now your engine will last forever. I’d recommend getting a cold air intake. It’s really gonna help your truck out. I hope you enjoy your truck.