Me and Maddy o the bus to Carbondale

Kayden Barrett, Contributer

On Apr 7, 2022, we had our second canceled Track meet. We got all ready for the meet and hopped on the bus to go to Carbondale otherwise known as Santa Fe. We got halfway there and Jones yelled “Who was that taking pictures? It was Emma turn the bus around” we were all so confused then we figured out the meet was canceled because of the weather and the wind. So we turned around and headed back to the school. When we got back we put our clothes in our lockers ad went to the Cafe because we weren’t allowed to go back to class, so we all just sat there on our phones and talked with our friends for the next 45 mins. After that, we found out we had outside practice! Everyone was so mad because why cancel a meet because of weather the have practice outside right after that. So we got all bundled up again and had the worst outside practice ever because it was so cold and we had to run a lot. It was quite the adventure and was definitely pretty fun.