Top 5 Best Stories To Write

A list drawing

A list drawing

Mariah Vega , Contributor

Are you struggling on picking a story to write next? If so, I am about to show you guys what the top 5 best stories are to write in my opinion. Stay to see what I think the best story is to write!

Starting with number 5 it is an editorial. An editorial is a story trying to persuade your reader. This story requires lots of research. When you are researching and you find a fact, you usually should go to at least two more different sites to see if the statement is true, because of this it is usually very time consuming. 

In 4th place it is a thing story. Thing stories are usually pretty easy to put together. They can be pretty long and time consuming. When making a thing story, sometimes there might be a useful link at the bottom of the story. It can help you learn something or even give you ideas but, there isn’t always a link. 

Now, in 3rd place I’m going to talk about a review story. A review story is a review over an item or place. If you want to learn something about a place or item this story would help you a lot. It does require some research if you do not know much about your topic. Although review stories are helpful it is mostly the writer’s opinion, because of that, not all people may agree. 

In second place, it is an interview story. Interview stories are really easy and fast to put together. When interviewing a person you do not have to be face to face, you can do it online if you can not reach them in person and you could learn something from it.

Last but not least, the best story to read and to write is a list story. List stories can be long but usually are not. It shouldn’t require a lot of research because you should already know stuff about your topic. List stories are ranked from worst to best, but just like the review story it is all the writer’s opinion so not everybody will agree with it. 

In my opinion these are the best and worst stories to write. Writing is important and I hope you found this list story useful. Did you agree with me on how I raked them? If not, maybe you can make your own list story on your favorite and least favorite stories to write.