EMS 21-22 Football Season


7th Grade Football Team

Jackson Meinke, Editor

This story is about a middle school football season that went up and down many times, but they found their way to a record that was acceptable. This is a story about the 21-22 EMS 7th grade football season.

Last August, the 2021 7th grade EMS football season was about to begin.We had a football camp before the school year started and it went pretty well. Our coach, who has just been hired, was told he can still coach but not as the head coach. After they told him that, he resigned. The school eventually found a coach and the season began. We had a couple weeks of practice and then we had our first game against Junction City. The game went well and we won 20-0. The next game was played against Shawnee Heights. That game didn’t go as well as we lost 34-14.

During the middle of the season we got better at practice and were more productive. Most of the productive didn’t work out on the field and we ended up losing 36-8 against Washburn Rural. Then we lost 40-8 vs Eishenhower. After those games we had more determined mind sets and practiced harder than ever. We did have a practice were we had to run almost the whole time because people on the team were being dumb in the classroom, but after that practice we had are last 2 games to focus on.

The end of the season was the best part of the year. We beat Anthony 46-14. Then the last game of the season was the closest. It was against Seaman and the final score was 16-14 we won. We finished the season 3-3 After the Seaman game we were done with football and had to turn in all of our equipment the next day. A couple days later we had our football banquet. We had a lot of food and the coaches talked about the season and overall it was a lot of fun.

One thing that I learned this year was that you should never doubt yourself in this sport. Next I think we will have a winning record and not go 3-3. This was a pretty good season for us we had a better season than the 8th graders and got 4th in are league. Make sure to come to all the football games next year to support the team.