What Makes You Happy And Why

Cordelia Byington, Editor

 What makes you happy? You might’ve said ‘i don’t know’ but I’m sure you do! I know many things that make me happy, one time I went to a music concert and I was so happy it brought me to tears. Now if you are anything like me, you might be asking yourself “ what about other people.  Today, I’m going to be asking other middle school staff and students what makes them happy and why. 

Taylor Olson-6th grade-


Probably my family, because they do a lot for me they get me where I need to go and they comfort me when I am sad. My sister especially. 

Victoria Stock-7th grade-  

Something that makes me happy is ice cream. Because there are many flavors and I like sprinkles a lot. I once at an entire bowl of sprinkles and it made me feel sick to my stomach but they were good and I still really like sprinkles.

Paige Newland-8th grade-

Many things make me happy but one main example is my dog, Toto. He makes me happy because he is always happy to see me. He always wants to be with me and I always miss him when I leave him.

Riley Day-Orchestra Teacher-

What makes me happy is a combination of three things:

1.) Having value in society. I like feeling like I am needed and that I contribute to the enhancement of society. It’s a great feeling to know that I’m helping the world become a better place.

2.) Being involved in music in as many ways as I possibly can. I love music more than life itself. It’s God’s gift to humans and proves that the universe is truly a loving, nurturing place that wants the people in it to be happy.

3.) Being around my family and friends. I care about them a lot and spending time with them is extremely important to me and it makes me happy.

Sarah Bean-Green Team Ela-

Every day when I come home, no matter how stressful it was or if I am feeling overwhelmed or sad, my dog Buffy is so happy to see me.  She runs around and jumps from the chair to the couch and back.  She dances around and does this happy little bark and wants belly rubs.  Every day that makes me happy.  She is glad I am home. She loves me for me. No matter what.  For me, there are lots of things that make me happy, but that one moment of being loved and wanted and connection and belonging — that kind of represents all the other things that give me happiness too.

So, what makes you happy? I’m sure you never get asked that question so, go and ask somebody else! Next time you see somebody whether it is in the halls, at home, or even a stranger on the street, ask them what makes them happy and maybe it will make you happy too.