Is A Tree Frog A Good Pet

Is It a good pet?

Is It a good pet?

Tristan Acevedo, Contributor

Do you like frogs? Have you ever wanted to own a frog? Today I am talking about if a tree frog would be a good pet. The reason it’s a tree frog is because they are one of the most unique types of frogs.


What Is Their Habitat And Can You Recreate It?

Tree frogs live in forests but the forest mainly needs to be warm throughout the year. You will most likely be able to make their habitat. If you are going to make their habitat you will need things such as fake branches, heaters, a tank for it to live in, and other needs for the animal. Can you remake the Tree Frogs environment? Yes, if you have a forest like environment and something that keeps it warm, you could technically make it work.


How Big Can They Get And How Much Space Will They Need?

A tree frog can get to Around 1 ½ in. With how big their habitat is, I would recommend A tank that is at least 10 times their size. For A tank size to have it live in, I would recommend a 20″ x 10″ x 12″ or a 24″ x 12″ x 12″. Although the tanks are big, you also need to think about the size of the branches and other items. Overall they are pretty small, it’s just the items you need that are big.


Are They Expensive? 

The expense mainly comes from the store you buy from. Places like Pet sense would be good because things like branches can go from 3-15 dollars. How expensive is it going to be? Really depends on what store you’re at. Otherwise, you could keep it cheap. The only bad thing about it being cheap would be that it could not last as long. Tree frogs do eat insects which you can find at pet stores. A tree frog would cost 10 dollars. A tank might cost from 35 to over 100 dollars. 

Is a tree frog a good pet? Yes, It is pretty easily taken care of and the supplies are simple. Overall I would rate Habitat 9/10. The space it will take is pretty big for a small animal but otherwise, it’s a decent size. The Expense factor in my opinion is a 10/10 with how you can choose the store you’re buying from. For more information on animals like this one visit this link: