Here is CJ

Jeremiah Vance, Contributor

Hi, my name is Jeremiah and this is my interview with a person named Chase Elstun. I learned a lot about him like what are some of his favorite things. Let’s see into the mind of a middle schooler. 


Topic #1 About him

When he grows up he would like to be a meteorologist because he is interested in the weather. He would also like to be a Social worker because he likes helping people. CJ always liked helping people like his parents. CJ likes to listen to retro, indie music mostly because they sound nice. Since he was never really good at math, he wants to get over 100% in math class as it would be nice.


Topic #2 Favorites

CJ likes a hero named Wanda Maximoff because he likes her powers, and Hawkeye because he likes archery.  He likes football even though CJ does not play it, because it is easy to understand. He likes the show Stranger Things and the character Erica because her sassiness is hilarious.


#3 PETS!!!

The only pets he likes are his pets (his cat and dog) as he kept them alive for a while and they are his best friends when he gets home. He takes his dog on walks after school and after he eats at night. He plays outside or inside his house and if CJ could he would take his dog to a waterpark so his dog can play in the splash pad. Almost his entire family takes care of the pets and of course plays with them. BUT his grandma doesn’t like the cat!


Now you know some things in a Middle schooler’s mind. Thank you, CJ for your time and patience. And, if you wanted, you can also interview anyone like I did and learn more about them.