This is a picture of one of the volleyballs used at the tournament.

The Volleyball

Sidney B'Hymer, Contributor

Have you ever wondered what goes on in a volleyball player’s mind or what they feel during a game? I am Sidney B’Hymer and I am a volleyball player. I have been playing for a while now. Read more to learn how to play and the basics.

The first thing we will be talking about is serving. The first thing you have to decide is if you want to serve over or underhand. If you do an underhand serve, you hold the ball in one hand. I hold it with my left. Then take your other hand and hit it with a closed fist. Do not throw the ball up. When you overhand serve you will start with your feet shoulder-width apart. Then, with your non-dominant hand, you will throw the ball up and take a step with your non-dominant foot. Then you will hit the ball with your dominant hand that is open and swing all the way through.

Now we will talk about how to return the ball. To bump all you do is put your hands together and hit the ball with your forearms. Just use your legs and shoulders and don’t swing or jump. Setting is putting the ball in the air to spike. To set, you put your hands above your head and make a triangle sort of thing. You will push up and you might have to use your legs. Spiking is when you hit the ball hard at the other team. To spike you do your approach. Take a step with your non-dominant, then dominant, then non-dominant foot. When you take that last step, you are also going to jump and hit the ball with your dominant hand. Keep your hand strong and have it spread out.

Now we will talk about how to score and win. To score points you will have to make the other team mess up in any way. Some ways they can mess up are if they hit the ball out, if they don’t make a serve over, or the ball drops. That is the same for you. You have to have 25 points to win but if they have 24 and you have 25 you have to win by 2. Someone has to win 2 sets or you have to do 3 sets and the third set goes to 15. But you still have to win by 2.

Hopefully, this will helped you out if you wanted to learn something about volleyball. I love the positive energy of the crowd and the feeling of scoring a point. I will also always remember the friends I made. Even when you don’t get along, at the end of the day you are still a team. My favorite part of watching volleyball are the saves. Here are some epic saves.