The First Time I Played Trumpet


A picture of a trumpet

CJ Elstun, Contributor

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain”-Bob Marley. One thing I don’t like is when people say music is easy. I dare those people to memorize a song while marching; trying to keep up but not going too fast, watching for potholes, and making sure you don’t fall. It can be really annoying. I’m pretty sure everyone thought music was easy until they made music. That’s what I thought until I found something out. Here is my story.

It was a cool fall morning. My mom woke me up, “CJ wake up, we’re late.” I was really excited but tired. I can remember I had my favorite pop tart flavor, strawberry. It tastes like sweet strawberry jam and the dry frosting with sprinkles. Fast forward 30 minutes. I got in the car and we started our drive. The breeze was relaxing and chilly. I got to school and went to my classes.

I first had language arts after that I had band. FINALLY, I thought to myself. When I got into band class the smell of coffee hit me like a train hitting a brick wall, since my band director was a coffee addict. I went to my cubby where I got my trumpet. When I got to my seat I pulled out my trumpet, the cold hard metal felt like a metal pipe. I then lifted it to my mouth. I was almost out of my seat because of how excited I was. Then I put the mouthpiece to my mouth. I started to play, and, oh my gosh, it sounded like a screeching banshee. I thought to myself, “OMG I SOUNDED SO BAD. DID ANYONE ELSE HEAR IT?!?” I felt a pit in my stomach and became as red as a tomato.

After class, my lips felt numb. They were super numb to the point I couldn’t vibrate my lips. After that, I went to all my other classes, and went home. My face kind of hurt. After that, my parents asked how it was. “It was good”, I said as I hurried to my room.

Fast forward 1 year later. I am now in concert band and I get to march in the Day of the Dead Parade. Later on, I also have the Veterans Day Parade in November. So if you want to see me play, go to the day of the dead parade and the Veterans parade. Try something new. Know it may not turn out the way you want it to. But at least you can say you did it. And, if you work hard and practice, then you will get better.