The Middle School’s Conferences


CJ Elstun

A Spartan Head

Jeremiah Vance, Contributor

On the 19th -21st of October 2022, conferences came up in Emporia Middle School, so the parents and kids can talk about grades.

Not to mention all the things that the teachers can talk about other than the grades. Like how the teachers can talk about the kids’ behavior in class. The teachers can say something about how well they’re doing in class. Or the teachers can talk about performance on certain projects like what they’re not doing their best on. The teachers can also talk about the kids’ goals and how they would achieve them.

Something else that students do besides make the grades is make slides over them, which they present to their parents. On the slides, the students write their grades to talk about with their parents. Another thing that the students talk about on their slides is their goal. The student’s goal is either something in school or out of it. The students can also show some work they are proud of to their parents. 

So I Interviewed a kid and their mom that will experience the upcoming conferences. Their mom said they like to see how their kid is doing on their school work. And the kid said that they like showing how good they are doing in school to their parents. The mom also said that she doesn’t like coming back to school later in the day, and the kid said that it takes too much time. Another thing their mom said is if she could change something she would make it to where if her child is doing good in school, she won’t have to go to conferences. While the kid said they would change having to do the slideshows that show their progress.


I agree with the interviewees because almost everything at conferences can be changed and made better. But I agree with sharing stuff that the child did as the parents can know how good they are doing. Also, showing how good you are doing in school makes you feel good. I think it is somewhat needed and somewhat not as the conferences are just about something that you can see in your free time and not have to worry about making slides.