EMS Jones park Cross Country race


This is a drawing of the race I made. Caroline Curits (one of the people I interviewed) is in front, I’m after Caroline, and after me is Jaycie Joplin (another person I interviewed.)

Jackson Woodworth, Contributor

On September 10th, 2022 at Jones park, the EMS cross country team ran their only home race against other teams


It was early in the morning, It was cold and wet outside. Everyone was getting their bibs and talking to each other. Then the team started walking the course, I interviewed Jaycie Joplin and Caroline Curtis about the Jones park race. I asked them three questions about the warm-up, race, and the end. I interviewed Jaycie Joplin first

Q: (ME) When you started how did you feel:

A: (Jaycie) “I felt more prepared for it because they put 7th boys and 7th girls together” 

 Then I Interviewed Caroline Curtis.

Q: (ME) When you started how did you feel:

A: (Caroline) “I was a little nervous but at the same time, I felt prepared”


So, The race started and the terrain was flat but there were tripping hazards. It was also nice and refreshing outside. There were many schools participating in the race. Also, many people were there, cheering the racers on. I asked both Jaycie and Caroline about the middle of the race. 

Q: (ME) How did you feel during the race

A: (Jaycie) “It felt nicer to run because it was in the morning, and my friends and family came to support me.”

A: (Caroline) “I felt I was doing good, and a little tired”


At the end of the race, the 7th-graders had to cross a street, then go around the starting line to finish the race. When you are close to the finish line you start running hard, I asked how they felt after the race.

Q: (ME) How did you feel at the end:

A: (Jaycie) “very relieved at the end, I almost caught one of my team members (Jackson Woodworth).”

A: (Caroline) “I felt very proud and accomplished.”


I ran that race with the 7th graders. We definitely were a lot bigger with the boys and girls put together. I scored 54th in that race. I think cross country is a great sport. That race was the only home race we had, the rest of them were away. Either way cross country was fun.