The Cross Country El Dorado Race


My friends at Freddie’s after our final race of the season

Jaycie Joplin, Contributor

On October 4th, 2022, the Cross Country team gathered in El Dorado to have fun and finish off their season.


I decided to interview 3 people on the cross-country team Their names are Jackson Woodworth, Caroline Curtis, and Olivia Sandoval. Here is what they said.

Q: What was your feeling when you got to the course?

Jackson said: I was feeling that this would be really easy and I would place.

Caroline said: I was excited and nervous because I knew it a bit, but last year it scratched my leg a bit.

Olivia said: I was kinda nervous


Q: What were you feeling when you were getting ready to start your stretches?

Jackson said: “I was feeling confident but nervous at the same time.”

Caroline said: “There were more people there than normal, so I was nervous”

Olivia said: “Even though we have done it multiple times before, I was nervous”


Q: What were you thinking when the gun was about to fire? 

Jackson said: I was thinking 2 things, I was thinking that the gun was louder than the others and that I was in the top 20 and I might win this.

Caroline said: I was kinda like sinking in information he said before, and I was starting to get excited because I wanted to be in the top 20.

Olivia said: My stomach was jumping.


When you’re at the Cross Country meets you can hear a bunch of people cheering for the kids that are running their race. The race order would go 7th-grade girls, 7th-grade boys, 8th-grade girls, and then 8th-grade boys. The team would normally hang out at their tent or cheer on their fellow teammates doing their race. A lot of times they are really loud when they are cheering. You always get so much support whether you’re in 1st or last, it’s a very supportive sport.

During the final race the results are…
7th Grade Girls Results:
Isabelle Granado in 8th place in 6:37 minutes.
Cambrie Granado in 12th place in 6:55 minutes.
Ivanna Camila in 18th place for the s in 7:31 minutes.
Caroline Curtis in 21st place in 7:40 minutes.
Sophia Hill in 27th place in 7:53 minutes.
Olivia Sandoval in 31st place in 8:09 minutes.
Jaycie Joplin in 34th place in 8:35 minutes.

7th Grade Boys Results:
Xaden Delgato in 4th place in 6:04 minutes.
Ansen Balkenhol in 8th place in 6:13 minutes.
Reed Miller in 25th place in 7:00 minutes.
Archer Wilson in 36th place in 7:45 minutes.
Jackson Woodworth in 49th place in 9:16 minutes.

8th Grade Girls Results:
Madison Evans in 1st place in 13:33 minutes.
Emma Beatty in 3rd place in 14:27 minutes.
Amelia Lowery in 5th place in 14:46 minutes.
Kaylee Wellman in 21st place in 16:23 minutes
Evelin Perez Antonio in 23rd place in 17:17 minutes.
Chelsea Mendez in 26th place in 18:05 minutes.
Julianna Rodriguez in 33rd place in 21:52 minutes.

8th Grade Boys Results:
Braxton Pugh in 1st place in 12:13 minutes.
Edgar Gomez in 5th place in 12:50 minutes.
Tegan Mitchell in 7th place in 12:58 minutes.
Sebastian Dix in 10th place in 13:01 minutes.
Brayden Shaw in 18th place 13:54 minutes.
Bryce Heinen in 20th place in 14:10 minutes.
Thiago Esquivel in 34th place in 15:44 minutes.

Brock Malone in 43rd place in 16:58 minutes.
Conor McBride in 47th place in 17:24 minutes.
Breandan Good in 51st place in 19:44 minutes.

I would like to congratulate Isabelle Granado, Xaden Delgato, and Ansen Balkenhol for getting in the top 10 of the 7th-grade races. And Madison Evans and Braxton Pugh for getting first place in the 8th-grade races. Everyone did a great job even if they didn’t make the top 10 or 20.

I really enjoyed the cross-country races. It is filled with a bunch of positivity and you never know if you will meet some new friends. If you are planning on joining cross country, you should drink a lot of water during the day to get yourself hydrated for practice and races. I know I will for sure be signing up for cross country next year.