Why Cancel Culture is a Problem


Cancel culture is like erasing people.

Braden Irwin, Contributor

Have you ever posted your opinion on a social media service and got hate for it? That is the problem with social media, you cannot have any opinions if you’re the only one that thinks that, but what happens is that something that is wrong will not be changed without opinions. For these reasons cancel culture should not exist


Reason One:  There is no such thing as jokes anymore which makes the world so dry just because of how hypersensitive this new generation is. According to this article “what can be said, written and broadcast in our media today is no longer decided just by editors and commissioners but by a labyrinthine bureaucracy open to the wildest abuse by anybody who can claim to have had their feelings hurt.”. This means that if one person says they’re offended they can take it all down.

Reason Two: People feel like they can’t share their opinion anymore. According to this article “The notion of cancel culture is a variant on the term call-out culture. It is often said to take the form of boycotting or shunning an individual (often a celebrity) who is deemed to have acted or spoken in an unacceptable manner.”. This means that if somebody speaks their mind and people don’t agree with it, people can get rid of that person

Reason Three: Minority opinions can make a big difference, like desegregating schools. According to this article In the past 70 years, there has been a tide shift in the publicly shared attitudes of white Americans toward African Americans. Some of the earliest public-opinion polls in the 1940s found that an overwhelming majority (about two-thirds) of whites were willing to support segregated schools. By the mid-1990s (the last time questions on school segregation were asked), only one out of every 25 whites held The same view. Even though it was a small group of people because of their opinion they made a good thing happen when they desegregated schools because of their OPINION, this is another reason to show that opinions are important.

Altogether, you cannot tell jokes or state your opinion on the internet because of cancel culture and how hypersensitive Gen z is. That is why cancel culture should not be a problem we have to worry about.