Goal Trips


A picture of Sky Zone.

CJ Elstun, Contributor

Have you ever been on a field trip? What about a trip to somewhere fun? Have you been to Sky Zone? On January 19, 7th graders from EMS went to Sky Zone for a reward trip. I interviewed some people about their experiences.

When we first got to school all of the seventh grade was super excited, some were even shaking! We all got to our lockers and went to our advisory. Mrs. Brajas called everyone down to the cafe and we waited. After a little while we got assigned to our buses and we started our Journey.

When we got there all of us went inside got our socks and started jumping! I asked Maddex Gurley and Sydney B’hymer about their experience. For the first question, I asked them what was their favorite part about Sky Zone. Maddex said, “I would have to say I really liked dodgeball and jumping off the big sky drop.” Sydney said, “The sky drop, and hanging out with my friends.” My second question was who did you mostly hang out with, Maddex said, “I mostly hung out with the people who played tag/dodgeball.” Sydney said, “The people who played tag.”

After we went to Sky Zone some people went to Golden Corral or Ci Ci’s Pizza, but it depended on what bus you were on. Golden Corral has a lot of options like fried foods, grilled foods, salads, and desserts. The only bad thing about it was, that it wasn’t that good and some people got sick from it. Ci Ci’s pizza is good because they have really good pizza, cheesy bread, and desserts. The only bad things were you could only get 2 things at a time and they didn’t have dessert pizza.

After going to the restaurants, we went back to school. On the way back people were tired and weak. Someone on the bus felt like throwing up so we had to give him a barf bag. And some people moved around on the bus. After we left the bus, we went to the cafeteria to watch a movie but not that many people watched it and were on their phones.

I think Sky Zone was a good reward after all of the hard work everyone went through. If you couldn’t attend Sky Zone don’t worry there is going to be another reward trip in May. If you want to know more about Sky Zone go to this website.