All about TRIO


TRIO is for everybody.

CJ Elstun, Contributor

Did you know TRIO is in almost every school? But why? If you want to find out about some things about TRIO. How you join. What you get to do. And overall what it is? Then keep reading to find out more about TRIO!

The benefits of TRIO. According to Lucia Hernandez, “TRIO gets you ready for college and how to get different scholarships for the college you want.” She also states, “If you do different TRIO programs you get paid money but this is only offered for students in high school.” The last thing Lucia says is, “If you want to, you get to take classes at the college. Some of these classes are language classes, math classes, and ELA classes.”

How do you join TRIO? Joining TRIO is an easy process. All you have to do is get a form from the office and fill it out. According to Lucia Hernandez, “Once you get the form, you fill it out. Some of the questions are personal, like your social security number, your phone number, or your email address. After you do that, you have to do a medical thing and turn it in at the office.”

What are the fun things about TRIO? According to Lucia Hernandez, “For TRIO, you get to go to different places like a camp, but when you go to high school you get to go to different cities like Chicago. You can also go to plays. You get to go to college campuses.” Lucia also says, “Some activities you get to do are trivia like careers, you also get a fake budget of money and get to spend money on fake stuff.” You also get to get snacks sometimes and there is even a club that takes place every black day on Thursday after school.

In my opinion, I think TRIO is a great resource. And you might like it for the benefits, the trips, the activities, the fun things, or even the snacks! TRIO is a great thing. You should try it!