Golf Tryouts


What a way to tee off our first 2023 golf tournament

CJ Elstun, Contributor

A great way of hitting the ball in golf is pretending it’s your sibling’s head. Not really, but golf season is about to start and tryouts are next week! If you want to find out more about tryouts, know the coaches, or just want to read about golf, this is the story for you.

Golf is a game of skill and concentration. The objective of the game is you have to hit the ball with this thing called a golf club. Once you get ready to hit the ball you have to aim for a hole. The point system is weird you have to get fewer points than other people. Every time you hit the ball, it’s a point.

If you want to play golf, it is soon and you can try it out! Tryouts are next week, March 6th and 7th. If you want to play golf, you have to go on both days. There are different types of levels. There is varsity and JV or jr varsity. If you want to help out with golf, but don’t want to play it, you can become a sports manager. This position is usually aimed at 6th-graders because they can’t play sports.

If you have any questions about golf, you can always contact the coaches or sports director. Mr. Trujilio is the sports director he is also the 7th-grade principal. Mr. Young is the head coach and a science teacher on silver team. He also coaches other sports like basketball. Mr. Tuttle is the assistant coach, and he also teaches math on the purple team. For golf, you need clubs, a gym bag, and proper attire,(golf shorts and pants) you also need golf cleats.

I am going to play golf this year, and I hope it goes well. This is going to be my first year doing it. If you want to play golf, you can next year! If you want to find out more or read more about professional golf, you can click this link here.