Christmas With Brylee


me and my grandpa Poppie

Brylee Siebuhr, contributor

Do you celebrate holidays? If so, do you celebrate Christmas? I do. And here I am going to tell you what I do for Christmas. Christmas is my favorite time of the year to celebrate, hang out with my family and friends, and celebrate the day Jesus was born.

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is spending time with my family. Some of my favorite family members are my Uncle Austin, Uncle Tommy, my auntie, my cousins Jude, Truman, Fern, Emery, Edith, my grandparents VeeVee (my grandma) and Poppie (my grandpa) , and my sisters, Dayjah, Dessa, and Alaya. Me and my family are usually the first ones to get there and we help set up and put everything out. My cousins make it really fun because we go outside and play with the cats and walk in the pasture and watch VeggieTales. My aunts and uncles make it fun because we do card games and puzzles together and I can tell them a lot.

We always celebrate at my grandparents’ house. It is a family tradition and my family has been doing it for a while now. My grandparents live out in the country around Burlingame and it is a small brown house. They have lots of land and sometimes we burn the pasture with them. We go back into the field with the cows and behind it is just woods, and we go explore it because there are broken-down buildings and little lakes and it’s pretty cool.

  One last thing I love is the food traditions. One thing we always have is cheese and ham dip. I love it. You can eat it with saltines or crackers. Another thing we always have is fruit. It is really good but it is also healthy and it’s something to snack on until the main dish gets done. We also have vegetables. They aren’t my favorite, but sometimes they are good. It just depends on what mood I am in. Another thing is chips like Cheetos and potato chips with dip and they are so good and it’s something really easy. The last thing we always have is cookies. Most likely it will be m&m or no-bake. But sometimes we have banana cookies, and those are my favorite.

Some people say ‘Christmas isn’t just a season it’s a feeling” I believe this, because when it’s Christmas time, all the decorations get put up, cheer is being spread, and everyone is happy. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, you should. It gives you time to bond with your family and it’s a happy time of the year. If you want to know what cheese and ham dip is, check here It’s not my family’s recipe, but I bet it will still be great.