EMS 2023 Golf Tournament


What a way to tee off our first 2023 golf tournament

CJ Elstun, Contributor

On April 10, 2023, the EMS golf team along with Burlington and Fort Riley went to the Emporia Country Club to compete in the first golf tournament of the year.

Preparing for the tournament took a while. A couple of days before the tournament, we all had to meet at the country club. One of the things I had to work on was my backswing. We also did a series of things to warm up. We went on the range and played various putting games. I interviewed Maddex Gurley on how he felt before the tournament he said, “He said I felt pretty good.” When I asked him if he was nervous he said, “Yes, because it was my first tournament.”

The morning of the tournament we all went to Mr. Young’s room and went outside. We waited a good 15 minutes before we went back inside because the bus forgot about us! Mr. Tuttle had to call some people but they finally came. We got to the golf course and did some practice swings. We then got into groups and started to play. We played nine holes.

After we played, most of us met up with our parents and got some pizza. You could also order stuff from the country club. I got two slices of pepperoni pizza and cool ranch Doritos. I also got some Ice Cream. After most people got done eating, they went outside so we could hear who won the tournament. They handed out five medals.

I think golf is an amazing sport because it’s like no other. You don’t have to be athletic, fast, or even strong. It’s about your mental game. I feel like everyone should try out a sport even if it’s not golf. It could be soccer, football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, or track, and if you wanted you could do more than this.