EMS Expansions!!

The Hallway leading to the office

CJ Elstun, Contributor

Did you know our school’s construction at EMS won’t be done until 2024? While this is true, we aren’t only getting one new thing. In this story, we’re going to be talking about some new stuff that’s going to be added to our school.

Science Wing. One of the new things we’re getting is a science wing. This is going to have different science rooms for activities. It’s by the red and yellow team hallways. It is one of the main things students are talking about. The construction for this is almost done.

New Office. Another new thing we’re getting is an office. While people haven’t talked about it, it’s gonna be one of the biggest expansions we’re getting. The office is gonna be located in the front of the school where the new parking lot’s gonna be. The construction should start around 2024.

New Gym. The biggest thing they’re adding is a new gym. Tons of people are excited about this. If you go to the storage units and look past the tarp, you can see it. The gym is gonna be located right next to the old gym. The construction should be done by January 2024. In my opinion, I think there are better things that are getting added but this is still pretty exciting. The gym is going to give us more opportunities for sports and assemblies.

I’m super-duper excited and I hope you are too. If you’re wondering where we got all this money, well, Mr. Martin said, “We had a bond problem. We basically got a loan and we will pay some money back every year for like 20 years.” Mr. Martin is excited for us students and what we will be getting. I’m surprised that they almost have the front office done!