A Shoe That Needs To Go


Air Force 1

Braden Irwin, Contributor

Boom! It’s 1982 and a new shoe is on the market, the Air Force 1! Popularized by Malone when he won a championship wearing a pair in 1983. But from 2022 to 2023 they really started to spike up in popularity, to the point where they have dropped in price so much because of how much they have been overproduced. But besides that, here are my reasons why this shoe needs to go.

There are too many of them. Nike decided to create a new shoe for basketball with a soft and cushioned feel. Many hoopers started wearing them, thus increasing the popularity of the shoe. Understandable, but now they have been overproduced just to keep up with demand.

One of the reasons I’m not too fond of this shoe is the way that they’re built. They feel okay but not amazing, and the soles tear up too much. You wear these shoes with the wrong type of socks… no more insoles for you (this is from my personal experience). The one thing these shoes do that is good is how easily you can customize them. And I give them that because they have struck so many people to paint and customize their own shoes. But they are still poorly made.

There is one more problem with these shoes. Trying to keep them white is a hassle. Like most white shoes they are very hard to clean just because of how much they stain after a single run with them. Whereas I do not care as much if my white shoes get dirty, most people do. There are some very simple ways to keep them clean (washing machines) but if you want the best results you want to hand-clean them here’s a tutorial: How To Clean Shoes.

Man, the Air Force One really needs to go. They are extremely overrated and really hard to take care of. If you are looking for a new shoe, check these out Top 4 Jordans To Buy. I hope this story is good enough for your high standards.