4 Things I Learned In World Studies


World Studies class 2022-2023

Sidney B'Hymer, Contributor

World Studies is a crazy but amazing place. You get to learn great skills that other classes can’t teach you. Here are the top three things world studies taught me.

1. You will fail. That is one of the first things Mr. Hawley said and it is so true. Having to juggle sports while missing school and having to have a beat story every 2 weeks with additional work on top of that is hard. So, whenever I felt like giving up I knew that I could catch back up.

2. Anyone can be your friend. In the beginning, you look around at who is in your class and may see you have no friends. But, in world studies, you are together for so long that at the end of the first week, you have a bond with almost everyone.

3. Be yourself. In other classes, I have gotten in trouble for laughing, smiling, or even just having a good time. In world studies, I have been able to be myself all day every day. With everyone being themselves you are able to bond more.

4. School can be fun. When we walk into school everyone thinks it is a prison. Mr. Hawley makes school so fun. For Christmas, we did a Secret Santa, and on Easter, we did an Easter egg hunt. That is a teacher going the extra mile.

Those are things that make this class so special to me. Mr. Hawley is a big part of making this year so fun. This is a year I will never forget.