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Sky Zone

Jenna Brown, Reporter

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Have you ever wanted to go to Sky Zone? Sky Zone is a chain of indoor entertainment centers with a bunch of trampolines. You can jump into pits full of foam blocks and you can play a trampoline version of Ultimate Dodgeball. At Sky Zones there are basketball hoops that you can shoot at.

I went to the Sky Zone in Kansas City, Kansas, when you go in you have to say how long you want to jump for. Then they ask for your shoe size and they give you Sky Socks that have grips on them so you have traction when you are jumping. Next, they give you a sticker that you put on your shirt that tells what time you leave and your name. This tells the workers if you should be there or not.

After you get everything taken care of, you have the choices to go to the trampolines, Ultimate Dodgeball, Foam Zone, and SkySlam. I usually go to the trampolines first then I go some other places. For dodgeball, they have two courts and you have to be a certain age to be able to play.

My favorite is Ultimate Dodgeball, because I usually do pretty good. If you get out you usually get back in, some of the workers make you do jumping jacks to get in. Not all ages can play at the same time, so you have to wait till they announce the ages or they will have a sign by the court. 

In conclusion, Sky Zone is a fun place to go if you have kids. Also, adults can participate in the activities if they have the Sky Socks. I hope you are able to check out a Sky Zone sometime. Down bellow are pictures of Sky Zone.  

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