Interesting Facts About Concussions


This is one of the helmets that many colleges and high schools use

Calvin Seeley , Contributor

One sunny day I was playing soccer in Topeka, Kansas. I was watching the ball fly through the air I never knew someone was behind me. Then, next thing you know I’m laying on the ground and I’m blacked out.  I wake up in a hospital in Topeka while my whole team was standing around me.


Facts: According to ( 3.8 million concussions are caused each year and almost 50% of concussions aren’t even recorded. The top 3 sports that cause the most concussions are football, hockey, and soccer. They cause about 182 concussions per week.


Sign and Symptoms: When I got my first concussion I was extremely dizzy and nauseous. I was also really tired but my parents didn’t let me fall asleep because it has been thought that a person with a concussion should not sleep because they might slip into a coma or lose consciousness. So always remember that. If you’re wondering how I got my first concussion all I remember that I hit a metal basketball pole. I went up for a layup and the next thing I knew I had blacked out. According to the text, ”A concussion is a really bad brain injury that affects how your brain functions”. (UMS)


Consequences: There are lots of consequences to concussions especially for me. So, you first have to go through this 5 step plan that feels like it takes forever, but trust me it doesn’t. Then you can’t go to school for about a week. You can’t look at electronics because it slows down the process of your brain healing.  It also means you can’t go outside for a couple days or you have to wear special glasses because bright lights can hurt your eyes or give you headaches. Next, you usually have to go get MRI scans to see if you have a concussion which usually takes a while. Then you have to take all these tests which make your head hurt even more than it already did before. Lastly, the long-term effects are probably the worst because they scars will always be with you. You also might have traumatic brain damage for your whole life which you could eventually die from. Especially if you have too many or you have one that is really severe.


Hope you found this article interesting. If you play football, or any of the sports I reported on, this will really help you out. If you and your friend have a head-on collision or you get dizzy during sports make sure to tell your parents. See ya next time on The EMS SOUND.