Why Kids Should Play Sports

Why Kids Should Play Sports

Calvin Seeley , Jr. Reporter

    There’s nothing as boring as sitting inside all day. All you can do is play on your video game console or play on your phone and that can get pretty boring easily. That’s why all kids should play sports.  Kids who play sports can build team skills, make strong friendships, and stay active.

   One reason is that kids build up confidence is if they try harder in the sport and get higher self-esteem. According to Youth Football, “when your kids play a team sport it helps them succeed in later on life with that great skill”. The United Marine Corps (USMC)“[Kids who play sports] develop tight bonds with other kids or teammates on or off the field even at school”.

Sports will always keep your kids active almost every day. Sports will help your child push themselves every day at any time. According to USMC,“It will strengthen them and give them strategic learning and social skills”. According to USMC, “Children learn to be confident on the field. Seeing their hard work pay off has a positive impact on their self-esteem. When kids achieve their goals on the field it teaches them they can achieve any other goal they set later in life”.  

One of the worst traits you can have is the unwillingness to compete. In today’s world if people aren’t willing to compete they will find themselves getting the short end of the stick on a regular basis. “Being competitive isn’t just about being better than everyone else. Kids need to learn to challenge and compete with themselves to become better every single day.”(Youth Football).

What sports do you play? If you don’t, maybe you should try one. Possibly try soccer, baseball, football, or basketball, or do maybe tennis, swimming, and running.  All of these sports are exciting. If you want to start playing sports in Emporia go look at this link to the Emporia Rec Center. But if you can’t play sports just try running around your neighborhood or do workouts at home.