School Uniforms Don’t Show Us

Students in uniforms

Students in uniforms

Mckinsey West, Reporters

Did you know about 16.5% of America’s schools require uniforms? How would you feel about being forced to wear the same thing as everyone else? Never wear anything you want to school, not be able to make a statement with your wardrobe? Doesn’t sound very fun.  Our outfits are a form of expression, and for that reason uniforms should not be used in school districts.

Our clothing is a form of expression, it can show who we may be to others. It can show what colors we like, what we are interested in, or a bit of our personality.  LifeStyle by PS  also sees how it can show expression, here is a prime example  are, “We can feel more confident if the clothes we are wearing and the way we present ourselves matches up with our personality, identify and mood.” This itself shows proof that people can get an idea from what we wear.

Another reason that uniforms should not be used in school it that is can cause kids to not feel good about the way that they look. For example,if the student’s body doesn’t fit the uniform the way the uniform is made, it can affect their confidence on how the student looks.  Classroom states“Overweight and even underweight students may hear taunting and harassing comments made by their peers because of their ill-fitting uniforms.” Proves that school uniforms may not be very good for schools.

Last of all, with school uniforms students don’t get to be creative with what they wear. Like for example, putting two things together that may look weird separately and making them look awesome together. By being creative with your outfits, it also shows a little of your personality as stated before. Inside Out Style claims “Your wardrobe is a form of self-expression and allows you to be creative every day.This is proof that how we dress ourselves can also be a form of creativity.

To sum this all up, being able to create our own styles is very important. It can give us confidence, show a bit of our personality, and last of all it is our own form of creativity. When students have to wear school uniforms, it can take away our creativity and a bit of our personality. And for these reasons, school uniforms should not be used in schools.