Most Common Farm Animals

A Goat

A Goat

Lacey Rust, Senior Reporter

Did you know most goat are great companions to many and all farm animals. There are many species of farm animals but these are the top 5 animal breeds. This is all according to my research and what I and the internet agree upon.


Cow: Angus Beef

This cattle breed is  popular because they are an international breed. They are found all around the globe and they are very dominant because their sleek color, muscle composition, and their performance in shows and in breeding. Although they may look nice Angus cattle are very aggressive, and they have been known to hurt people.  


Goat: Boer Goats

Boer goats are most common because they are great sources of meat and they are fairly cheap. Also, they show fairly well if they are trained. Fun fact goats are the most eaten meat worldwide, per capita. Also, goats were first tamed by humans 9,000 years ago.

Horse: The American Quarter Horse

The American Quarter Horse is the most common horse in the USA. They are very common in rodeos but sadly they are also very common in the illegal slaughter houses. They come in many colors and sizes and heights. Horses are very common to see on farms especially ones with cattle. Horses are useful for rounding up cattle.

Pigs: Yorkshire Pigs

Yorkshire pigs are very common for their sleek white color and their great showmanship and muscle composition. They are great show pigs but price is a big factor since they are very expensive for a purebred. When most people think of pigs they think of mini pigs but normal domesticated pigs are what bacon and ham come from, ⅓ children do not know that.


Chickens: Rhode Island Reds

Rhode Island Reds are the most common chickens mostly for their size and how much meat the make. They are also used in marketing a lot. Egg production is very high.  They produce 300 eggs per year. Rhode Island Reds are also very good show birds.


These were the top 5 most common farm animals in the USA, for cows it was angus, for chickens it was the Rhode Island red, pigs it was a yorkshire, Horse it was an american quarter horse, and for the goat it was the a boer goat. I personally agree with these