PC vs Console


Source: tomsguide.com (https://bit.ly/2FUvuC1)

Jacob Leyva, Reporter

For any video game to be playable, it first needs a system to run it. The best system to game on has been a subject of debate for as long as the home gaming console has existed. However, in recent years, a new contender has entered the scene: the PC.


In the past, gaming usually required a gaming console. This was until gaming on PC started to become more popular in the gaming community. Many people argue that on a PC, the performance is much better. However, the answer is different depending on how demanding a game is and the system that is running it. On a high tier gaming PC, you might be able to run a game such as Squad at a framerate of 120 FPS on max settings while on other PCs the performance might be much worse. On PS4 and Xbox One, games at 1080p tend to run at a max of 30 FPS. The Nintendo Switch seems to be able to run some games with a 60 FPS cap.
Overall, performance seems to vary between systems and games. However, PC seems to be capable of running more games overall at a framerate of 60+ FPS.


Image result for uncharted 4
Uncharted 4 has some of the best graphics in recent years. Source: USgamer (click image)

Graphics aren’t necessarily a thing that makes a system or game better than another. Despite this, graphics are still important to ensure that the game is presented nicely to the player. Graphics nowadays are much better than the ones that we had a few years ago. But some people are saying that graphics for PC are better than on consoles, and vice versa. However, graphics aren’t static, especially on PC. This is because on PC, you can usually change the graphic quality to your desire, whether it be making the image sharper or smoother (anti-aliasing) or changing the texture quality. Because of this, the graphics aren’t the same for everyone. This does not mean that consoles are the same for everyone, because the quality on consoles vary. For example, on a regular Xbox One you might have medium quality graphics at a 1080p resolution, but on an Xbox One X you might have very high quality graphics at a 4k resolution.
After looking at multiple comparisons, I have noticed that PC appears more clear and less blurry. However, in some other pictures, it appears as if consoles are better in terms of overall shader quality.


It’s obvious that gaming systems have gotten much more expensive over the years. While game consoles in the past would usually cost only $90 to $200, nowadays they can cost up to $500. However, a PC can be much more expensive or cheaper than a console. The pricing on a PC is pretty much up to you, as you normally have to buy all the individual parts yourself. While you can get a decent PC for around $400, many of the top-tier systems can cost over $1000. However, the prices on a console are fixed, and are the same value for every person who gets the same console.


Image result for nintendo 64 controller
The Nintendo 64 controller. Source: Wikipedia (click image)

In order to play video games, you obviously need a game, as well as a way to control it. On PC, there are already way more games available than on consoles, not even including the mass amount of flash games on the internet. In fact, Steam has more games than PS4 and Xbox One combined.
As stated above, you also need a way to control the games. While you can hook a controller up to your PC, the main control setup is with a mouse and keyboard. However, consoles (usually) use a gamepad to control your game, although on some current consoles you can play with a mouse and keyboard. Both of these are great ways to play a game. However, while keyboards and mice are pretty much the same for everyone, the controller is different for every console. On one hand, the PS4 and Xbox One use this comfortable gamepad with a good button layout and thighs. On the other hand, the N64 controller from way back in 1996 is genuinely terrifying. However, you can rely on every keyboard and mouse to be about the same. However, in my opinion, a controller feels more comfortable in the hands to me.


Both PC and Console have their ups and downs, and are both good in their own way. While console is easy to use and is generally cheaper than PC, a PC can be much more powerful since the components you use are all up to you. However, this means that a gaming PC can also be more expensive than a console. PC also has more games than today’s consoles, and has an overall decent control system with the keyboard, but I find gamepads, specifically the PS4 and Xbox One’s, to be more comfortable.

Overall, the better system depends on what you need or are interested in. If you can’t get an expensive, high-powered PC, you can get a console. If you have some money to blow, you should get a PC. If you want access to a higher library of games, get a PC. If you are a Nintendo fan, you should get a Nintendo Switch.


FPS – Frames Per Second, the amount of images, or frames, able to be displayed within one second.

Anti-aliasing – Smooths the edges of diagonal and round lines to increase realism in an image.

Shader – A program that mainly affects lighting and shading effects and tells your computer how to load the pixels on a screen.

Steam – An online social and gaming platform created and ran by Valve.

Texture – An image that is mapped onto models and environments.

Resolution – The amount of pixels on a display; 1920 x 1080 means that the display has a width of 1920 pixels and a length of 1080 pixels.

Gamepad – A synonym for controller.