What Is Chernobyl


This is Chernobyl after the destruction.

Tyler Chiroy, Contributor


Did you know 91 years ago a power plant exploded at reactor 4 in Pripyat, Ukraine? The power plant is called Chernobyl. The environment and animals there have evolved or have deformations due to being around too much radiation. Chernobyl is a power plant that is now abandoned and has tons of radiation. You’re able to go and take tours, but you have to have a lot of different permits. Lastly, since there is too much radiation, construction workers had to build a dome around the reactor.

On April 26, 1986 at 12:23am a power plant exploded in North Central Pripyat, Ukraine. More than five million people were evacuated and more than one hundred died. “The power plant explosion was 400x more than the Hiroshima bomb” (LiveScience). When it exploded radiation emitted. If you are exposed to too much radiation you can get hair loss, cancer, seizures and skin burns. Once the explosion happened scientist predicted that more people would have cancer.

“During a test the reactor got out of control and there too much hot water in the RBMK 1000 which is part of the reactor caused too much steam” (World-nuclear). The steam likely caused the explosion in the reactor. It caused a second explosion a while later. The debris from the explosion set multiple fires around the power plant. It released radioactive smoke into the atmosphere that spread over Europe.

“You are able to go to Chernobyl but you can only go for a certain amount of time before you are exposed to the radiation” (Blackwell). You would have to have a certain permit for every checkpoint. You can not film or take pictures in some areas. When Chernobyl exploded the government told the civilians they had to leave for only two days but that was a lie. They just said that so that they wouldn’t have to get any police. A couple years later a couple of the people snuck back into their homes.

Overall, the Chernobyl power plant is important because it affected how people thought about nuclear power. It also caused power plants to be more safe with other nuclear powered structures because of the accident, and to be careful about what they do.

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