Dark Chocolate VS Milk Chocolate


Chocolate Bars On top of Each Other

Bailie Stair, Reporter

What type of chocolate do you like? I prefer dark chocolate but I am going to see which one is the ultimate chocolate. Today I will be reviewing two different types of chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate. 

Which one is healthier?

Both chocolates make a great treat but lots of people want to be healthy so which one is the healthier treat? Dark chocolate is healthier, it has lower sugar levels and, according to a study, it can lower blood pressure. It also has more cocoa in it, and it has many more health benefits. If you ask me that sounds great. I think if you want a healthy treat, then go with the bittersweet dark chocolate. 

Which one costs more?

 If you are wondering if one costs more than the other, they both cost the same. So no need to worry about wanting to get both chocolates because both are relatively cheap. If you were wanting to go to stores, milk and dark chocolate are usually the same prices. Most places sell both chocolate for the same amount and it is cheap. If you are cornered about the price they are both the same.

Which is more pleasing to look at?

In my opinion, dark chocolate is more “melt in your mouth” but I went ahead and polled some of my classmates to get their opinion on which is more pleasing to look at. Also, what people think is more appealing to eat. The winner of the competition of which chocolate is more pleasing to look at is milk chocolate with 11/18 votes, but dark chocolate got 6 votes. I suppose milk chocolate is more pleasing and people find milk chocolate sweeter and better to eat so, therefore, they are going to think it looks better than dark chocolate. I think dark chocolate just looks better than milk chocolate, but probably because I like the way it tastes more. 


In conclusion, I think dark chocolate is better than milk chocolate because it is not as sweet as milk chocolate and it is more appealing to look at. Others thought the opposite of me and thought milk chocolate was better and more appealing to look at. If you don’t know which one to buy or eat my advice is to buy both and test them yourself and see which one you like better.