Books Vs. Movies

Who Will Dominate In The Winner Take All Battle Of Books Vs Movies

Who Will Dominate In The Winner Take All Battle Of Books Vs Movies

Addilyn Skiles, Beat Reporter

As we all know, everyone loves curling up with a good book, and everyone loves curling up and watching a good movie. But which is better, movies or books? It’s been a hot topic since the invention of the silver screen. But now it is time to settle the debate. Keep reading to find out which is superior; books or movies. 



We all know that on average a movie lasts about an hour and a half. Which is a decent amount of time being taken away from other activities. But on the other hand, the average chapter book could take days, weeks or even months to finish. That is much more time than the average person has to spend one singular thing. But at the same time for the vivid amount of detail a book provides it is understandable that a book could and would take around that much time. When you are reading a book, it is hard, nearly impossible, to focus on anything but that book.  Although, when you are watching a movie, you can do a number of different things while the movie is playing. I don’t know about you, but for me, I would have to say that movies are the clear winner for this round.



 While most movies have incredible detail and vivid animations, books allow you to create your own characters and pictures and go wild with your imagination. Now don’t get me wrong I love being told what to think and not having to use my brain, but personally I think that it is way more fun to think for myself using my own creativity to form a custom version of the characters and to not have them laid out right in front of me. Books also have way more details and descriptions then movies do. Another great thing about books is that instead of being told what to think (which I have already mentioned) a book creates a playscape in the mind by using descriptive words and terminologies so the reader can create their own landscaping and imagery for the story. Which leads me to the fact that movies take a lot of information out of the books so that the movie is not 100 hours long which makes books more detailed than movies. So for this round, I would have to say that the title of top dog would have to go to the books.   


People’s opinions 

 I know my thoughts on the topic and I’m sure you know your thoughts on the topic but let’s hear some other people’s thoughts on whether they prefer books or movies. Krystal Beyer says, “I think that the books are better because I like to create the images of the settings and the characters in my head using my imagination”. I agree with that completely, but let’s hear from someone that likes movies more. Chris Skiles says that the reason that he likes movies more is because, “reading is just not something I enjoy”.  Another person that likes movies more is Caroline Harrison. She says, “I like movies more because they don’t take up as much time as books do. And I have other things that consume a lot of my time(Homework)”. Now that we have heard from two people that like movies more let’s hear from one more person that prefers books. Another student responded with, “I like books more because they are more engaging and they are helping you learn while providing you with an extravagant storyline”. Considering everyone’s opinion I would have to say that this round is a tie between books and movies. 


Final Arguments 

While I am sure that by now you have already figured out whether you like books or movies more, I just want to give you a couple more things to think about that might change your opinion. First of all, I think that something that you all need to understand is that we have all heard of books that have been made into movies, but when have you ever heard of a movie that has been made into a book? Another thing is that books can be translated into braille so that people that are blind or have eye problems can read whereas movies can not be translated so that people with those deficits(or are blind for that matter) can know what is happening in the movie. In the end, I would have to say that it is clear that books rank over movies in this round. 

 In conclusion, I would have to say that in the winner-take-all battle of books vs movies that books win. I know that everyone’s opinions are different, and if you like movies better I’m sorry. But from what we have learned and seen, books would have to be the winner.  However, if you are someone that indulges in movies rather than in books then maybe next time you see an interesting book you should pick it up and start reading. But on the other hand, if your someone that likes books more, then I challenge you to watch a movie that looks interesting.