Markers Vs. Colored Pencils

Their is colored pencils on one side and markers on the other side.

Their is colored pencils on one side and markers on the other side.

Amber Obermeyer, Reporter

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between colored pencils and markers? I use markers and colored pencils all the time because I enjoy drawing. It crossed my mind a couple of days ago, which one was more useful, a colored pencil or marker? I will be writing about three main topics that are more important when it comes to drawing: the price, how long they last, and the different advantages of their ink.



The thing most people get concerned about is the price. The price can make a big difference with what you buy and what you don’t buy. The price of a 12 pack of Crayola colored pencils from Amazon is $3.27, which is actually not horrible for colored pencils. The price for a 12 pack of Crayola markers from Amazon is $9.99. That is a $6.72 difference, which is twice as much as a 12 pack for Crayola colored pencils. If you are concerned about the price of colored pencils and markers, I would choose colored pencils.

 How long they last

If you want to get your money’s worth, then you would want to know how long they last. You don’t want to have them for 5 weeks and then they no longer work and you can’t use them anymore. Colored pencils last about 100 years indoors and they still work perfectly fine. That is a long time. You can have them your whole life if you wanted to. The longest time markers would last without drying out is several years indoors and 3 to 4 months outdoors. Markers are a good tool but they do not last nearly as long as colored pencils. If you want to use your art products for a long time then it would be better to get colored pencils. If you are concerned about how long they last, I would say colored pencils would be better.


The ink in both of these have pros and cons, here are some of them. The color of the colored pencils doesn’t show as well as markers. You have to shade over a lot to get close to the amount of color that a marker makes. Even though the color of the marker shows a lot better, it bleeds through paper, obviously. The colored pencil does not go through the paper, but it does not have a strong color. The marker has strong colors, but it does bleed through the paper. If you are wondering, so which one has better ink? It mainly depends on what your coloring but I would recommend the colored pencils.


If you are wondering which one is better, I would recommend the colored pencil. The colored pencil is cheaper and it lasts much longer than the marker. Even though it’s not a strong color it doesn’t bleed through the paper. On the other side, the marker is almost $10 and does not last as long as the colored pencil. Even though it does bleed through sometimes, it does have a strong color. The color pencil seems like a better choice. If you are wanting to go and get some colored pencils, here is a link to some really good ones! Colored Pencils