Interview with Hayden Basler


Talan Tabares and Hayden Basler

Talan Tabares, Contributor

I asked Hayden B. from the EMS a few questions for an interview. The questions I asked him were just to get to know him better, these are the Q’s & A’s.



Interview:I asked Hayden what his opinions were on the sports at the EMS, he said “sports in middle school are good to prepare you for high school and if you want to pursue your career in professional sports”. I also asked him if he likes middle school better than elementary, he said “I like Middle school more because you get more freedom to do stuff”. I asked Hayden if education was an important part in life, he said “yes because if [we were not educated] we would be dumb”. I asked Hayden if college was an important part of life and he said “Yes because if not you will have a job like a trash truck driver or something”. I asked if there was anything that could be added to the EMS to make the EMS better, “maybe better school lunches”. Hayden Basler really likes electives in school because “it’s different and you get to choose your classes”. Fidget spinners are a popular part of our school now and I asked Hayden what his opinions were on the fidget spinners. “They help people but can be a big distraction” He said. I asked him about the water pipe that leaked and he said “[The gas pipe leak] was a real catastrophe and really messed up our city”. I asked him if he thinks that Emporia is a good town to live in, he said “Emporia is a good town to live in because it isn’t really small but not too big”.



I overall got some really cool information about Hayden and got to know him a little better. It was a real pleasure to talk to Hayden Basler and getting to know him.