My Spider-Man Interview


The Amazing Spider-Man

Oliver Sheeley, Contributor

Hi, I’m Oliver Sheeley a reporter here at EMS, and today I have a visual on everyone’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. He is here for unknown reasons. I really hope I can get an interview.

Wow. Fwip, Fwip. Ahhhhhhh.

“Hi, I’m your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.”

WOW, you just saved me from running out in front of a car! Thanks.

“Sure, I’m just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.”

“Hey, I was really happy to see you when you got here and was looking forward to an interview. May I ask some questions?”

“You want to ask some questions? Sure why not.”

The Next texts are from my Interview With The Amazing SpiderMan

Haha, I just finished an interview with Spider-Man!!! I found so much good info about him. I  found out about his awesome spider-sense. Spider-sense is just that Spider-Man can sense if he is in danger. So if he was about to get shot, bang dodge, big fat miss by the bad guys. That is like seeing small glimpses into the future!! How perfectly awesome is that!! That is only the first part and really, how much more do you want to be Spider-man now? Would really help him since he has so many enemies.

Did you know his webs are almost indestructible!! They take 2 hours to fully dissolve!! Also, he was bit by a radioactive spider so that means he can lift 150 times his weight!! That means assuming he is 200-150 lbs he can lift 22,500 lbs. That’s A ton!!!!!!  That would be the size of a huge fancy RV or almost 3 African bush elephants or almost 6 cars!! Isn’t that awesome?! “What are some of your web types?” I asked. He responded “ Well one of my most used are Taser webs and another cool one is venom webs” I gasp “ Really?” So yeah, taser webs + venom webs! They can shock things and knock people out!!! Am I overreacting?

So now that I am done with what it helps Spider-Man with, what would it help a normal person with? Pretty much anything! It can help pick up your fridge if you drop something under it, your car if it gets stuck, pick up kids that are being bad, maybe even fight crime like SpiderMan. Want to leave the house? Why not go for a swing? Someone robs you fwip, not anymore!

Well, that was my interview with Spider-Man, hope you liked it, this is Oliver Sheeley, goodbye.

I hope you liked my story, it was super fun to write. Please read more stories of the sound. There are a bunch of stories out there and many are better than this one so keep looking for more stories. Check out the website link to learn more about Spider-Man. The venom webs are real but you can only notice them if you really pay attention in Spider-Man Homecoming. Have an awesome day, this is Oliver Sheeley, goodbye. Spider-Man Wiki