My Dog: Rex

This is my dog, Rex.

This is my dog, Rex.

Aiden Ogleby, Contributor

Do you have a pet? Do you remember when you got them? Well, I’m going to tell you about when I got my dog, Rex. He is a great dog, as all dogs are.

The day I got Rex was a Wednesday in 5th grade and I had to wait until after school to see him because the pound closed after 1 pm so my parents had to go get him. He is a foxhound mix. I was the most excited person in school that day. That was one of the best days of my life.

When my parents picked me up from school, I was so excited and we talked about Rex all the way home. When I got home I ran through the door. I couldn’t find Rex and you would think he would run up to me to greet me, but he wasn’t there. For a second I got really sad but then my dad said he was outside.

My dad opened the door and Rex ran into the house! He is an orange color with medium length fur. He was an 8 month old puppy when we got him on April 8th. His fur is slightly ruff, haha get it ruff. He was a very active puppy and still is.

Rex is a handful to get and a great dog. I love him and everyone else loves him too. He is the second best dog in the world. (I can’t tell you who is first because this is about Rex). If you want a Dog or cat you can adopt some at this website.