A Healthy Alternative!

Paige Newland, editor

Have you ever thought, “I need caffeine but I don’t want coffee”? If you have then try a Sparkling Ice + Caffeine. It is my go to drink and recommendation because it tastes great and it is only 5 calories! Not only does it taste great and have only 5 calories, it can wake you up before work, school, Christmas, or anything else!


Sparkling Ice + Caffeine has many different flavors. These flavors consist of Cherry Vanilla, Strawberry Citrus, Orange Passionfruit, Triple Citrus, Blue Raspberry, and Black Raspberry. If I were to choose one of these flavors I would choose the Blue Raspberry flavor because It is sweet and it has a pretty bold flavor profile. If you like sweet drinks, I think you would really like the blue raspberry flavor.


Sparkling Ice + Caffeine comes in a can that is similar to a soda pop can that has the tab on top. All of the cans show a picture of the flavor it is based off of on a piece of ice. It also has the name and flavor on the front. The packaging is the color of the flavor. For example the blue raspberry flavor’s can is blue. I think that that is a very nice touch because you don’t have to see the label to know the flavor.

Health Benefits

Not only is Sparkling Ice + Caffeine delicious and it has caffeine, it has Antioxidants and Vitamins. The Vitamins it has are, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, and vitamin B12. It also has zero sugar and it is only 5 calories. So I think that with all of its health benefits, if you are looking for something to drink that can replace something like soda, or something that is unhealthy, you should try Sparkling Ice +Caffeine.

Overall, I think that sparkling Ice + Caffeine is a very delicious drink. It has many different flavors to choose from, it has very nice packaging and it has many health benefits. If you want to get some Sparkling Ice Plus + Caffeine for yourself, click here to order some!