Netflix vs. Disney+


Peyton Chanley, Contributor

Disney+ and Netflix. Two of the world’s most useful streaming services. Netflix is more popular than Disney+, but it also happens to be more expensive. So which is better? Netflix? Disney+?
Disney+ started was launched November 12, 2019 by disney. The Walt Disney Company reported that Disney+ had nearly 74 million subscribers worldwide as of its final quarter of 2020. Did you know that about 37% of the population has Disney+. Disney+ has all of the Disney, Marvel, and StarWars movies available to watch. And honestly I don’t know where I’d be without it. Having three little sisters means Friday Movie Night has to be a nice cheery film for younger viewers, and Disney+ has the best of movies for that.
Netflix started on August 29, 1997. At the end of 2019, Netflix subscribers numbered 167.1 million. About 54% of the population has netflix. Which I find absolutely insane. The founders of Netflix are Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings in 1997. At the time, Hastings had just sold his software company, Pure Atria, to Rational Software. So the two created Netflix. Hence why it is here today. Did you know that Netflix is the originator of streaming content.
There are certainly downfalls to each streaming service. Like Disney+ only has movies owned by the Walt Disney Company. Whereas Netflix doesn’t have all the Disney movies, but has a lot of other options. Netflix not only has an adults side, but a side for kids as well. But Disney, I would say, has movies for more younger viewers.
Honestly it was such a hard decision to make. Which is better? Disney+? Netflix? Both companies are wonderful and I’m very grateful for them, after all, Friday Movie Nights at my house would have very limited options without them. I’ve decided that Netflix is better. The reason for that being, how there are more options for adults/teenagers. I asked a few friends and family members, and they also seem to agree with me. Whether it’s binge watching tv shows, or watching a movie with the family, take this information into account and see which service you like best.