The Art of Shading


These are the drawing techniques you can use.

Caleb Dexter, editor

Have you ever wondered in the great master paintings or drawings how they make things 3D? Well, it is through a process known as shading. So today I will talk to you about shading, some famous paintings and drawings that use shading, and how to use certain types of shading.

Cross hatch: Cross hatch is my favorite type of shade. I don’t know why but it always seemed more appealing to me;so perfect, so amazing. I can not use Cross Hatch… well it’s more of something I’ve never tried. Sometimes you can make some amazing art from just using the right technique . Cross Hatching is a type of shading where you make vertical and horizontal lines to create a darker area known as shading. Erika Lancaster-Artist, Content Creator & Online Art Tutor said “This technique is probably the quickest of all due to the fact that you are able to create darker values faster than with the other techniques.” And that is Cross Hatch.

Stippling: Stippling is a very cool way to shade. It is created by making little dots to create a darker area in places that need to be shaded or darkened. Stippling can take a really long time because of how small the dots are and depending on if you are doing a really big drawing or not. When stippling for fun it is really cool and amusing to see your art come out of the page.

Scribble: Scribbling is a type of shading/ art. You might not think so but there isn’t really a technique to it. It’s just moving your pencil around fast but maybe a little more precise. Scribbling is an amazing art even if you don’t think so. Most of the time you would look at a little kid scribble and go “wow that’s so coooool​​​” when you think that it looks horrible. But you never know. They might just come up with an amazing art masterpiece. Scribbling is awesome.


Conclusion-What is your main idea: So, to conclude, I would like to say drawing is amazing. I love it and you probably love it if you are reading this. There are many different types of shading but these are what I brought to you today.
This is some scribble art.