Who Are the Greek gods

This is Disneys version of ares

This is Disney’s version of ares

Devin Morris, contributor

Have you watched Percy Jackson, saw the “gods’, and wondered who they are? Why are they so special, and why do they have the kingdom of the gods on top of the Empire State Building? (for the last one go ask Rick Riordan). Back to the article… I will tell you about 4 of the gods.
First up is Zeus the king of the gods, father to most of them, and god of the sky. Married to Hera his sister technically. His main weapon is a lightning bolt. He can shapeshift (he can transform into anything. One time he became a bull so a girl would love him or something like that.)
Next up is Zeus’s brother Poseidon. He is the god of the sea, earthquakes, and horses (don’t ask but he has a son that is a horse with wings) his main weapon is a trident (a fancy pitchfork). He also controls the sea and can make earthquakes and rules over horses.

The last of the big three is Hades, god of the underworld and the dead not of DEATH. Married to Persephone, the goddess queen of the underworld and also the goddess of spring growth. Hades is the king of the underworld which is guarded by a three-headed dog named Cerberus.
The last god I choose is Ares the god of war. fun fact when people think of Ares they think fire. Well, he is not the god of fire that is Hephaestus. He is just the god of war. He is the son of Zeus.
It is interesting that Poseidon is the god of horses and earthquakes. I had always read how he was the king of water, but what do horses have to do with water? I could see dolphins…but for horses? I like learning about these gods because they are a great escape from the real world. And we all really need that right now.