Answering Common Baseball Question


Jackson Meinke pitching at a baseball game

Jackson Meinke, Contributor

Have you ever wondered what it is like to join a competitive baseball team then have to find a new team? Then it was in the middle of a pandemic? Well, that’s exactly what happened to me a few years ago.

What is it like in the first year of kid pitch? It is harder than machine pitch because kids aren’t really familiar with pitching. So if you threw 4 balls then your coach would pitch you 3 pitches. In my first year of kid pitch, my team did pretty well and got 2nd place in the league.

The next year I decided to go up and play competitive baseball. The biggest difference was that kids threw the ball faster. It is harder to hit the ball. Then you have to practice a lot more to get better. Playing in tournaments was harder because you had to play more.

After that season, I moved and found a new team. That was during covid, so I got to practice a lot more at home. The competition in Emporia is way harder than in Wichita The best part about the season is that I got better. The best part about playing with your friends is that you have a lot of team chemistry.

Well, if you were wondering what it was like having to go to a new competitive team then now you know what it is like. I love being on competitive teams because it makes me better at the game. The best part about travel baseball is that your parents are very supportive.

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