Pre-built Skateboards from Zoomies

Pre-built Skateboards from Zoomies

Tristan Acevedo, Contributor

Have you ever wanted to start skateboarding but didn’t know where to get your board? Well, you’re in luck because I am going to be reviewing a pre-built skateboard from Zoomies.




The performance you can get from one of their boards is great. One reason the performance of the board is great is because, when you are riding there aren’t bumps unless going on a bumpy road. The only problem I ran into is the trucks. When you get the board if it’s pre-built the truck might be too tight or too loose. The trucks would be the easiest part of the board to fix .





One thing I liked about Zoomies online page are all the designs. If you see a Design you like but don’t like the color, you’re in luck because they have multiple colors in one design. If you’re looking for a plain color for the bottom they can do that too. The thing I like with Zoomies is if you have a show you like, they most likely have a design for it. One bad thing about getting a design is if you start to do things like grinds the bottom of your board will get scraped and the design will fade.




 One reason it’s strength is good is because a normal board can hold up to 250 pounds. The durability of the boards are great after about a year when you will just then start to see signs of damage from tricks. The only thing I would avoid is landing in the middle of the board, because being unbalanced will make it collapse in the middle.


For performance I would rate it a 10/10, For Design I would rate it a 9/10, and for Strength/Durability I would rate it a 9/10. So I would rate it a 9/10 in total. In conclusion I would recommend this board if you want to start skateboarding.