Sidney Is Here

Sidney taking a picture

Sidney taking a picture

Maddex Gurley, contributor

Have you ever wanted to know more about someone? If yes, read this interview and find mysterious information about her. Now sit back and relax and read this good story. You may begin learning about Sidney.

Q: “what was the last Movie you went to and why”
A: “I went Top Gun 2 because we were bored at home”
Q: “What is your favorite sport to watch “
A:” I like to watch soccer because I like it”
Q:”What is your favorite song and why is that”
A:Sunroof because it plays on the radio”
Q:”What is the first movie you watched “
A: “Cinderella because I loved it”
Q:”What was your favorite song as a toddler or little kid?”
A:”I like Up Town Funk because my mom liked it”
Q:”What was the movie that made you cry”
A:”Rescue by Ruby because it was sad”
Q:”What is your favorite skittle why”
A: “It is purple because it taste good and to be different”
Q:”What is your least favorite skittle why”
A:”It is yellow because it is bad”
Q:”What do you put on your tacos”
A:” I put steak and cilantro and onion”
Q:”What is your least favorite food”
A: “I don’t like cheese and hamburger helper”
Q: “What is the best restaurant you’ve eaten at ”
A:”I think Shanghai because of their chicken”

Q:”What is your favorite subject and why”
A:”Math because i don’t like to read it is easy also”
Q:”What is you least favorite subject and why”
A: “English language arts because i don’t like reading”
Q:”Did you ever get late to class and why”
A: “I have never been late to class. i’m always on time”
Q:”Have you ever got hit with a ball in PE”
A: “Yes someone threw it at my head”
Q:”When have you got bad classes”
A: “I have never got a bad class”

That’s the interview about her. I hope everyone liked reading this and learned about her. Go find new people to talk to and interview them, goodbye.