Jaycie With A Pink Drink

Lucia Hernandez, Contributor

You know that one person in your class that you don’t talk to? Well, for me that person is Jaycie Joplin. From what I’ve seen she seems pretty cool. I’ve decided to interview Jaycie so I can learn more about her. Some topics we’ll touch on are school, things she enjoys, and some random facts. Let’s see what Jaycie has to say.


Topic 1: School

Q: Is it stressful coming to school?

A: Not really because I know that coming to World Studies is really nice. There are not that many people in World Studies. I’m not a people person.


Q: Do you prefer 7th or 6th? Do you think 8th grade might be better or worse?

A: I prefer 7th because I’m more prepared. 8th grade might be easier because that’s when you have all of your friends.


Q:Who are some of your best friends? Have you always known them, or did you meet them here at EMS?

A: Summer Brown, I’ve known her since kindergarten. And Isabel Youngblood. I’ve known her since I was little. We’ve gone to church together for a long time.


Topic 2: Things you enjoy

Q: What is something you do to cure your boredom? What do you like about it?

A: I normally just watch stuff on my phone and if that doesn’t work then dance. Right now I really like jazz because I can be sillier with it.


Q: What are some hobbies you like to do?

A: I like dancing. I also do running. I’m in cross country right now. It’s really tiring.


Q: Who is your favorite person? What did they do to be your favorite person?

A: Summer and Caroline because this past week of cross country Caroline has been with me. Summer is also one of my favorite people.


Topic 3: Some things people might not know about you


Q: What is a food combination you really like that people might not know?

A: I like peanut butter on bananas. You just cut the banana into slices then put peanut butter on it, lastly you just have to put another slice of banana.


Q: What pets did/do you have? How was it taking care of them

A: I had 2 fish, one was Pinky and the other was Captain America. Pinky jumped in between our counter and stove and we had to get her out.  Captain America died and we buried him in our backyard. Then we had hermit crabs. My hermit crab’s name was Hermy and my brother’s was Sea. And then we had our first hamster, his name was Sammy Hammy Joplin.


Q:If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

A: Probably Paris because I’ve always wanted to go there since I was little. There’s a whole bunch of stuff like the museum, the Eiffel Tower. Their food also sounds good.


 After Interviewing Jaycie I’ve learned a lot about her. She’s really interesting and funny. Even though you only saw her answers, I was able to talk to her personally and I had a lot of fun. I encourage you to speak to somebody you don’t talk to a lot, you never know, they could be your new best friend. Thank you Jaycie for letting me interview you.