Music Is Everywhere


Here is a microphone.

Lucia Hernandez, Contributor

Music is everywhere. In the car, at school and even that song that might be stuck in your head. You know that feeling when you listen to a song and it makes you feel sad, happy, or even just calm? Or watching a music video and catching something you didn’t see before? Sometimes you might see the lyrics to a song and you see what it actually means. Music can really do a lot for you and you might not even know.

You can listen to music almost anywhere. People will get into their car and most of the time the radio will be on. Sometimes they might even connect their phone to their car and play their own music. A plane ride can be boring, and sometimes all you need is some music to get you through the ride. Or maybe instead of going on a walk in silence, you can have some music playing on your headphones.

Why do you listen to music? Well, for some people it can be a safe space. Sometimes a person can be feeling down and they just need some music to cheer them up. Or maybe somebody is studying and can’t focus, so they listen to music. And lastly, some people just want to get away from the world, so they play music that will help them out with that.

There are a lot of different music genres. Some may be more hype or more chill. One of the many genres is pop. Pop is more common with people since there’s a lot to like about it and it’s more popular with people. Another one is 80’s pop, this one is more hype and fun to listen to. It’s great for karaoke and other fun events like that because of how fun and happy the songs have, like “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”. Lastly, are more chill songs. These songs are better for quiet people or chill places. With this music, you can just slip some headphones on and zone out without a care in the world.

Overall, music is really huge in the world. It helps you feel better or makes life a bit more interesting. Think about listening to a new artist or genre. There could be a song out there that you might like. Sometimes, music is all you need. If you watch this you’ll see how the music matches the vibe of the food and the mood that they’re feeling