The B-47 Stratojet


This is the B-47 at the Kansas Aviation Museum. Photo credit: Jackson Woodworth

Jackson Woodworth, Contributor

If you ever drive by McConnell Air Force Base (AFB), you might see a bomber on display at the entrance. Or not even a mile away at the Kansas Aviation Museum, there is a grey bomber there. They are called the B-47 Stratojet. Find out about this interesting bomber while reading this.



In the early 1950’s, Strategic air command (SAC) needed a new bomber. So SAC called up several aircraft manufacturers to make a new jet-powered bomber. Boeing won the contract with their XB-47 later named B-47 Stratojet. Throughout the 1950’s it was on 24/7 alert in case the Soviets attack the US. In the 1960’s they started being either converted to reconnaissance aircraft or retired. They flew over the Soviet Union taking photos of bases and missile sites until the 1970’s.

B-47’s stationed in Kansas:

B-47’s were stationed at McConnell Air Force Base. They were actually built in Wichita, Kansas. “The 1000th B-47 was built there.”, according to Images of Aviation: McConnell AFB. Due to the history of the B-47 and a couple of other Boeing aircraft, it is clear why they call Wichita “The Air Capital of the World.”



In the 1970’s the B-47 was fully retired. Today you can go see them in Wichita; not one but two! One is at the entrance of McConnell AFB  the other at the Kansas Aviation Museum. And if you want to see a movie about it, look for the movie Strategic Air Command. Here’s a link from the movie


The history of this aircraft is amazing. Even though it never went to war, it was still a very important plane. Personally, I have seen one of these magnificent aircraft. The featured image is WB-47 reg: 51-2387 (I got that number from a photo I took). If you ever go to the Kansas Aviation Museum, go see this magnificent aircraft.