KU Game


This is a picture of KU football and their logo.

Maddex Gurley, Contributor

Have you heard of the Jayhawks and their basketball team? Did you Know they had a football team?  Read this and learn everything you need to know about the experience of a KU football game.

First, you wanna tailgate. Bring a grill and some yard games because there is a bunch of space for tailgating. After tailgating, you’re gonna want to find your seat., It’s pretty big so make sure you get the right one. Then you’re going to want to get some concessions. I like the ice cream because it is so smooth.

When you’re watching the game make sure to cheer if they have a touchdown because it’s rare for the Jayhawks. Kenny Logan Jr is the best player on the team. He is fast, durable, and can hit.

When you leave you gotta beat the crowd because you will get trampled. Make sure to go around Lawrence, a small town but big hearts. When you’re leaving, make sure you stop by the gas station and get some KU gear, so next game you can come back full fan.

This is the end If you enjoyed this story go watch a KU game and make sure to get some of the ice cream and gear. Go KU!