The Bad Experiences at My Camp


A drawing of the main building.

Jackson Woodworth, Contributor


I remember I was in the car, excited to go to camp, and it was about 7:26 in the morning. I woke up at 4:55 and watched an episode of Air Warriors, so I wasn’t tired. But when we got there it wasn’t what I was expecting.


I arrived at the camp to await a COVID test. The first half of the day was okay, but Then came the worst three hours of that week. At two, we did a swim test where I swallowed lake water. At three my stomach started hurting while we went in canoes. Then at four, we shot BB guns and that was Monday. Tuesday was a little bit better. We went to these clubs (fishing, arts & crafts, etc. I’m not gonna talk about Wednesday (because it was a repeat of Tuesday, same for Thursday, I mean after Thursday my cousins and my family went to a restaurant) but Friday deserves a paragraph.


So, I got to camp and I did my normal morning routine, but during the second club (arts and crafts) a bell sounded and we had to head to the main building. Apparently, what we did was called a Lost camper drill. For an hour and 45 minutes, we sang camp songs in the building till lunch. My ears were dying. After horse riding, swimming (I couldn’t because I had a blister), and something else we did that I forgot, I finally went home after what felt like 7 hours.


Of course, these were the bad experiences I had there. There were some good parts. I actually recommend you go to this camp. Just remember, do not swallow lake water, bring fresh clean water, and finally, try to have fun there.