Review Story Thor Love And Thunder

the title of the movie

the title of the movie

Sam Ralston, Contributor

Did you know that there are 39 Marvel movies? I’m going to review a kinda new film, Thor Love and Thunder. You can watch the movie on Disney +. Warning: Spoiler Alert!


This movie is set on Earth 616 of the Marvel cinematic universe. The plot of the story is in the beginning this guy gets a necro sword (a sword that is really overpowered) and kills the god that he was worshiping. Then he kills a lot of gods and warriors. That was the first part. There are a lot of scenes worth watching.

            Special Effects 

The special effects, or the CGI of the movie, were impressive. The lightning effects were amazing. And the part where all the kids got lightning power from Zeus’s thunderbolts was enjoyable to watch. In the end, the white background and Eternity were suspenseful. When Thor was using the Bifrost with the rainbow trail, it was inspiring. And the reflection was pleasant.



The makeup is really realistic. One of the main characters gets sicker and sicker every time she uses the hammer. That makeup was depressing and it was sad to see how sick she was. The villain’s makeup was also worth watching. When you can see the difference in him getting cursed that was so absorbing. When the kids put on makeup to make them look younger, it was super awesome. The makeup really made them look younger. One of the kids had a face painting of a tiger. I thought it was funny to see that.


I really liked Thor Love and Thunder. I say you go and watch it and bring a friend to see it with you. Spread it all over and recommend it to other people if you like it. It’s on Disney + with a bunch of other Marvel movies like Black Panther, Thor Ragnarok, and a bunch of others. Thor was a Norse mythology god, the god of thunder, sky, and agriculture.