Mr. Hawley, Who is He?


Mr. Hawley also known as Mr., Dude, Bro, etc.

CJ Elstun, Contributor

“JESUS”, The student said. “Nope, it’s Mr. Hawley.” Mr. Hawley said. Have you ever met Mr. Hawley? Or a sixth grader who is hoping to be on the green team? Or a sixth grader who is going to be in world studies? Then keep scrolling to find out about a secret smurf spy, penguins, class pet, and hurting others’ feelings!

1.        Secret smurf spy. Don’t tell anyone I told you this, but Mr. Hawley IS A SECRET SMURF SPY! If you don’t know what a smurf is, it’s a little, blue humanoid figure. If you ever dig deep into the EMS Sound you will find a story called Interview with Mr. Hawley. It reveals stuff you never knew about him!

2.        Penguins. If you ever look around Mr. Hawley’s room you will see a lot of Penguins. If you don’t know what penguins are (which would be weird) they are short black and white chubby animals. There are different breeds of penguins. If you’re bored, ask him about penguins.

3.        Class pet. If you look at a story called Mr. Hawley Should Get Us a Class Pet, it talks about getting a class pet. If you don’t know what a class pet is, it’s a pet that you get for your class and sometimes you get to take the pet home to take care of it. You should ask Mr. Hawley. Vote to get a class pet here

4.        Don’t make people feel like they Don’t belong. If you know Mr. Hawley, then you probably know to not make people feel like they don’t belong. If you ever do something like that, Mr. Hawley will make you give two put-ups. If you feel like you’re getting bullied, please tell a trusted adult or sign the QR code in your planner or if there is a poster in the halls scan it.

5.        “Everything is a choice.”- Mr. Hawley. Again, if you know Mr. Hawley, then you should know that he likes quotes. Out of most of his quotes, you will probably hear “Everything is a choice”. Mr. Hawley is very true in saying that.

One thing I have learned this year is that Mr. Hawley is an amazing teacher. I would also say that he does a good job keeping us busy and making sure that we actually understand his class. So, if you ever see Mr. Hawley, make sure to say Hi. Thank you, Mr. Hawley.