Interveiw With Mr. Hawley


Mr. Hawley also known as Mr., Dude, Bro, etc.

Kelsey Shull, Contributer


I’ve decided to interview my world studies teacher Mr.Hawley and try to get some information out of him for my first quick write. If im being honest this is a long story. Read to find out if Hawley is secretly a spy for the smurfs.

Q:What is your favorite color crayon?
A:Crayola used to have a crayon called Mac & cheese, and the color is beautiful, but totally doesn’t taste like Macaroni and Cheese.
Q: Crowns or crayons?
A: Crayon all the way
Q: How are you late to your own interview in your classroom?
A: Well you know I’m a busy man, I have lots of demands of my time, and lots of people have questions.Im a helper, I don’t like to tell people no, if they need my help.
Q: Who is your favorite Disney princess and why?
A:I really like moana. She’s pretty tough and she’s also one of the newer ones too. With all the new princesses. It’s hard to think of all of them. I also like princess leia from star wars Cuz she’s tough but no its moana for sure.
Q: Will you ever get your children a dog and why or why not?
A: We have a dog right now but she’s ancient. So kinda on the way out, probably i’m pushing my wife for it. Mostly it’s just because there’s less floor cleaning. I have a 5 and 8 year old but they still spill a lot of food on the floor, and with a dog you don’t have to worry about cleaning it up. The dog is like a living roomba.
Q: Do you have a favorite World Studies kid?
A: Yes
Q: Does their name start with a c or k?
A: No
Q: Do you know how to read?
A: Yes
Q: Cats or dogs?Why?
A: Dogs, that’s a really easy question. Why would you feed something that ignores you.
Q: Wired headphones or bluetooth wireless ones?
A: Blueteeth, I need that extra grip in my ear
Q: How much regular water do you drink?
A: Maybe one cup a day, most of my water is carbonated.
Q: Markers or colored pencils or crayons?
A: That’s a tough one, I’m a mixed media guy.I like to use markers, colored pencil, and crayons. I also like to throw some paint in there too. I like do it all.
Q: Do you know your middle name?What is it?
A: I do
Q: What is your opinion on me and Cordy’s engagement?
A: Well, I think you have to be over 18 to be engaged, or at least 16 and a half. I’m not sure of the Kansas law. My feelings are it’s gonna be a long engagement.
Q: What letter is best?Why?
A: Definitely Y, what other letter can sometimes be a vowel, and sometimes a continent. Right Y you can do it all my friend.It can turn coke into cozy, what else can do that. Or a wall into a wally.
Q: What is the best number?
A: The best number? I don’t know, that’s a really hard one. Infinity I would say, cause it’s a number that you just can’t get there. You gotta respect that.
Q: What is the best shade of purple and yellow?
A: Purple is a light purple, I’m a light purple guy. Like lavender. Yellow, dark yellow. I would say a mustard yellow.
Q: What is the best subject? Why?
A: It’s a tie between language arts and social studies because both of those are all about stories. The stories of our earth, past, history, our future. I’m a big stories person.
Q: What is your favorite thing about having 2 legs and 2 arms?
A: I think the 2 legs thing is I can get from place to place. My favorite thing about having 2 arms is being able to play musical instruments. It’s really amazing how like piano you know you got the bases and the treble. Guitar you got the cords and the strumming. So for 2 arms music is probably my favorite bit.
Q: Right now are your shoes creased?
A: I would say yes, cause I’m a busy man, I got places to be.
Q: Are vans or converse better? Why?
A: Converse because well they have a high top mid. So it’s not like super high, it’s just like mid-high. I like it cause they are slip ons, and like I said I’m busy in the morning, I like to just slip them on and go.
Q: Do you know what Fruity means?
A: Yes, taste of fruit.
Q: What was your high school nickname, if you had one? Why and how did you get it?
A: Yes, there was a german foreign exchange student, and he gave it to me. He just said it one day, he called me droozer the broozer. “Drooooooza” as he said it “Droooza””Drooooooza the brooooza“
Q: Can you wink with your right eye?
A: Yes, I can do the left eye too.
Q: How long have you been or not been able to do that?
A: I really feel like this is an all my life thing. I don’t think it’s a skill I developed later in life. I didn’t even practice.
Q: Can you wink with both eyes at the same time?
A: yes, yes, yes I can do that
Q: How long have you been or not been able to do that?
A: Once again I think this was a skill I was born with. I came out able to blink.
Q: Do you like smurfs?
A: Yea I would say they’re genuinely pretty positive other than the angry one, and he hates everything.
Q: Have you ever talked to a smurf?
A: You know in a roundabout way, I would say yes. When I was younger, like 4 or 5. We would go to the pharmacy, and they had bins of these like plastic smurfs, and one of the things is my mom would say, “Okay, grab a smurf”. So I would go pick out a smurf. So I had a bunch of smurfs, So then you would be the smurf , “Hey lets go pick some berries (in a bad smurfs accent)”. Another smurf would say, “I hate berries(Another bad accent)”, So in a way, I was talking through smurfs to other smurfs.
Q: Are you secretly blue?
A: Well, I will initially say no, unless it’s no secret, I didn’t even tell myself.
Q: How do you hide the fact that you’re blue?
A: Well, I just don’t tell me apparently. Then it’s really easy to keep it a secret. Cause you don’t even know it
Q: Final question, are you a secret spy for the smurfs cult?
A: I would tell you but then I would have to “smurf” you.

So this was my interview with Mr.Hawley, I hope you enjoyed it. Tell your friends to read this story if they want to know if Mr.Hawley is secretly a smurf spy. BYE BYE!