Daegan’s Choice


This is Daegan

Maddex Gurley, Contributor

I’m Maddex with the EMS Sound and we have a special guest, Daegan Esquivel. I will be asking him some questions.


Q1: If you were in a car accident who would you call, And why?
A: My mom because she would not be mad and probably buy me a new car. She would also ask if I’m okay, not the car.



Q2: Would you do the fire Precautions during a fire or run, and why?
A: I would run because my classmates are slow and I would be burned by then.



Q3: If a guy walked up to you and said take the red envelope for 100k for yourself or the blue for 100k for charity which would you pick?
A: I would choose the red one so I can get a Lambo and drive off in style.



Q4: If your mom was in the hospital would you save her or 100 kids?
A1: My mom because she gave birth to me.


Q5: If your family was drowning, who would you save?
A: I would try and save my mom and dad at the same time.


Thank you Daegan Esquivel for letting me interview you. Go check out some of my other stories, they’re really good.